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[su_pullquote align=”right”]“I hate the word rock star. All that shit in the 80s died there and it needs to stay there.”
—Adam Lazzara[/su_pullquote][su_dropcap]P[/su_dropcap]ulling back the gentle curtain on Taking Back Sunday, one is always quick to notice that Adam Lazzara is the force behind the rising from the noisy hardcore punk scene to the national rock stage through the steady band’s combination of pop-punk modern rock and straight-up pop. Let’s just say fifteen years of earning stripes, and evolving a sound rather than simpling tossing in the towel has begun to pay paid off.

The band was founded in 1999 by Eddie Reyes. Reyes was already a veteran of the NYC music scene, and took part in numerous projects that kept him in the game. After recording their initial eponymous EP, a Taking Back Sunday shake-up brought bassist Lazzara to lead vocals mic. Seems to have been a smart move.

orig-89890In the music recording industry, the line-up shuffles, the scandalous firings, the defections, the transitions, the unexplained exodus, the exodus for professional reasons, and the glorious and inglorious reunions are each a natural part of the often cut-throat business. Almost goes without saying.

Taking Back Sunday has not been immune to these group effect bodily functions. During the 2006 Taste of Chaos tour (for which Taking Back Sunday was headlining) Fred Mascherino, who had joined Taking Back Sunday in 2003, returned home due to family commitments. His fellow members of TBS were forced to continue without him, supported onstage by members of Saosin, Anti-Flag and Underoath. He never came back, but when ready to return to work he started his own projects. Others came and went.

Now Lazzara, after ten years of fronting TBS, has gone solo and acoustic with a baneful tuneBecause It Works.

To be continued…

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