Support Digital Radio[su_dropcap]H[/su_dropcap]istory rarely whispers, except backstage where it belongs. It screams, long, loud, gut-wrenching, soul-blinding screams. Then roars forth in silence, abrupt like sleepers who fall deaf to the sand, gone as quickly as a three minute song. Then creep more whispers. So, we defy our conscience, linger a little longer for more. Need a few tips for listening (in an interview with the SWORG cast)..but we finally realize it’s been an awesome first few months on the air as we continue to welcome new “big chunk” Radio Scenewash streamers every day from the five awakening counter-civilizing continents, for better or for worse.

Tip one. Joining the Broadband Internet Radio Revolution is an AWESOME EVENT, and hacks quickly past all the blood and guts chatter circulating among the manifesto lads. Grass roots radio is a natural byproduct of our razzmataz consumer-soaked society, and we’re booting up for the ultimate challenge.

Two questions. Can fan broadcasting survive? Why Radio Scenewash? Answers. Yes, and because. Because we’re a loose group of frank and forceful multi-media artists ripped from the headlines of our generation. Because we’re steady, unbegrudging soldiers of that frank art. Because we’re grounded here in Washington, DC, where heads of state roam, and states of head rock. Because DC is also home to the filthy lucre legal squad lot of the RIAA. Because we broadcast freely at our own cost to anyone in the whole wide world with 64kbps of bandwidth muscle with a pulse to match that muscle. Because we OWN or BORROW every bit of music we broadcast. Because we rock and roll with HISTORY!

Tip Two. Kick the Scenewash Project URL here and there to anyone who can pass muster on the challenging nature of our broadcast,” growls an irritated Fatz, nursing his rotting left jaw.

Gabriel Thy

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