Music For A Slaughtering Tribe[su_dropcap]T[/su_dropcap]he Radio Scenewash Network was launched on July 2, 2003, and billed as Music For The New American Patriot. We feel the Patriot was still in its freeform infancy, when the plug was pulled in June, 2009. Having already programmed some 40 plus hours of no repeat metal, rock, punk, industrial goth, hip hop, r&b, ska, folk, electronic, some jazz, news reel, and spoken word material drawn from the 1920s forward, the bulk of airplay however is devoted to 70s-80s proto punk and its older siblings, where melody and beat meets lyric, history meets timelessness, and new classics crystallize with every juxtapositionrequire for six years, we have missed the thrill of digital broadcasting, but it does require cash for royalties, bandwidth. Our tastes are eclectic, and we much prefer mixing it up to mimic the thrash and bromide of the REAL WORLD in conflict and resolve, thus mirroring the stoneground soundtrack stomping through the blood-washed stalls of our own bittersweet heads than genrewalling. Don’t delay. Grab your own adjectives. Tune into the Scenewash legacy today. Meanwhile, we digitize, we realize, we sound the charges of rock-n-roll disguise. Peace and ramparts…

So, as we build this web site to capture the history of our listening pre-RSN era, during the hey day, and post-RSN, we look forward to resurrect the radio station in bringing you our most charismatic tracks suspiciously dubbed—Music For A Slaughtering Tribe.


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    • Haha! Yeah, aspirations are immense, time and concentration not so much. Health knocked me out for awhile. Been painting. Too much FB time, not enough Virtual Radio Time. Thanks for commenting, despite the sorry excuse for progress you found here.

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